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Learn about ways in which you can help see things through the coming year, as well as support the imminent Georgia Senate races, by checking out our What’s Up WofA page!


Make Your Voting Plan Today!
General Election 2020 Voting Options:

  • Great New Voting Tool from Virginia Grassroots Coalition
    Helps you find what you need for Virginia Voting simply and easily:
    Virginia Grassroots Coalition

  • Best Options for Voting
    A. EARLY VOTINGRecommended – For polling locations, dates & times check your county’s Registrar website.
    We recommend waiting for requested ballot to arrive, and bring it (including the envelopes!) to polling place where they will “spoil” the mail-in ballot, and issue you a new one to fill out and VOTE! Track your ballot (see image below) at this link.
    C. BALLOT DROP BOX – You MUST sign and date your ballot. Check your county’s Registrar website for date/location/hours for putting your ballot in their drop box, or for location/hours of satellite polling stations opening October 17th. Witness signature is NOT required for Virginia.
    D. MAIL – You MUST sign and date your ballot and return it as soon as you receive it. WoFA recommends by October 3rd (not official, our suggestion). Witness signature is NOT required for Virginia.
  • Check the Status of your Ballot Request
    at Ballot Scout or Virginia’s Citizen Portal. If you login to your Citizen Portal, the very first page will have the status of your ballot request. It should be “approved”, within 10 days of requesting (see image below). If it is not, Contact your County Registrar Immediately! Ballots will be mailed out starting Sept. 18th.

  • By now, we all should have:
    1) Registered and/or updated voter registrations. Have you moved? Have kids in college that need to vote absentee? A child turning 18 by November 3rd? Register/Update here.
    2) Requested your Mail-In Ballot if you plan to use the mail. Request ballot here.
    3) Track your ballot (will look like image below). You may not to see request confirmed for approximately 10 days. “Ballot Issued” column is the date it is mailed to you.

The Flippable Five*

AK – Al Gross:  Life-long Alaskan, fishing and public health background.  Fundraising behind but smart campaign with workers from and in rural communities.  Donations go far in an inexpensive market with large proportion of independent voters.  Stealth race – now tied and gaining momentum against unpopular incumbent.  31st Street Swing Left target. Donate directly: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/algross-2020?noskip=true&refcode=website

IA –Theresa Greenfield:  Grew up on IA farm, when widowed as young mother had to rely on Social Security.  Making inroads with rural and older voters – polls show slight advantage in close race but behind in fundraising.  Running against Senator Joni Ernst who needs to be held accountable for past promises on Supreme Court nomination process.
Donate directly: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/tg-website-2020?refcode=web

ME – Sara Gideon:  Speaker in ME state House of Representatives with health care, jobs, and integrity among her priorities.  Ahead in competitive race against Senator Susan Collins who needs to be held accountable for position on Supreme Court nomination. 
Donate directly: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/adopt-me-dem-susan-collins-seat

NC – Cal Cunningham:  State senator and army reserve member.  Priorities include health care, economic opportunity and education.  Slightly ahead in polls and fundraising in race against unpopular incumbent. NC has important races up and down ticket and been adopted by VA grassroots.
Donate directly: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/cal-website?refcode=cal-website

SC – Jaime Harrison:  Rose up from poverty thanks to teachers and mentors and now dedicated to creating opportunity for others.  Campaign gaining momentum  and now tied in recent poll, and only slightly behind in fundraising.  Running against Senator Lindsey Graham who needs to be held accountable for past promises on Supreme Court nomination process.
Donate directly: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_harrison_fr_homepage_2019?refcode=MS_HP_FR_X_X_homepage_X__F1_S1_C1__X&recurring=auto&amount=25

Other notes: 
KY — Amy McGrath:  no chance of winning – contributions needed in other campaigns
MI – Gary Peters:  worthy donation recipient in tight race but incumbent so not technically a “flippable” race
MT –Steve Bullock:  underperforming in polls but still a worthy recipient
AZ – Mark Kelly:  Significantly ahead in polls and fundraising
CO – John Hickenlooper:  Significantly ahead in polls but behind in fundraising.  Worthy recipient.  
* As of September 20, 2020 – this is a “current snapshot” and is subject to change

Postcards for Dr. Cameron Webb: Democratic Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives, District 5: see details

Cal Cunningham for NC Senate FUNDRAISER SUCCESS: see details

Pivotal Out-of-State Races:

Thanks to all WofA’s who joined Camp WofA and wrote postcards to North Carolina and Florida through Reclaim Our Vote.  The Florida campaign is focused on getting voters to vote in the upcoming primary and to take the census.  Shout out to Wofa postcarders:  Diane Hazzard, Gail Harrison, Gigi Bate, Rosita Briceno, Heather Faille, Micaela Pond, Sharon Shutler, Louise Shutler, Jessie Clark, Eden Brown, Estee Levine, Celia Little, Ellen Keating, Stephanie Miller Mendes, Susan Robinson, Patricia Gibson, Shateela Winters, Rose Fabia, Marianne Kastriner Schwanke, Julie Hanson Swanson, Lynn Borton, Jennifer Skye Donovan, Cooper Donovan, Hagan Donovan, Leah Holmes Bonilla, Colleen Lunsford, Nacha Klopf, John Klopf, Ellen Geneva Fishman, Dryw Freed, Susan Senn, Amy Miller, Sandy Doherty, Trish Brown, Isabella Mejia, Elizabeth Mejia,, Edy Schy, Marianne Evans, Karen Lundy, Jennifer Endo, Amy Bergner, Kristin Young, Judith Hijikata, Kitty Eisele, Heather Carkuff Joson, Camilla Taft Hicks, Sabrina Buchsbaum Wear, Ellen Cathopoulis, Moley Evans, Carol Burnett. The efforts continue in August: email Micaela.pond@gmail.com and sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/PostcardsWOFA

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