WofA Membership Meeting: Mon, Aug. 17th, with CD#5 Candidate Dr. Cameron Webb, & Jocelyn Garay of Mark Warner’s campaign & so much more!click here for calendar.


Urgent Call-to-Action ASAP – click here for ACTION ITEM

Important Mail-In Ballot Information:

Due to the unprecedented effects of Covid and the precarious state of our United States Postal Service, it is incumbent upon everyone to MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! (Feel free to copy/paste/share with family/friends, including those outside VA Рthey can go to vote.org for their state’s election information.) For BEST OPTIONS for a Mail-In Ballot: click here

Step #1 to Reclaim Our Democracy

Registration! Registration! Registration!
This is the first in a series of simple steps to reclaim our Democracy!
Please share with your Virginia family & friends, and make sure to include the following links:
Virginia Voters!!! Please check/update your registration at:
https://www.vote.org or


Postcards for Dr. Cameron Webb: Democratic Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives, District 5: see details

Cal Cunningham for NC Senate FUNDRAISER SUCCESS: see details

Pivotal Out-of-State Races:

Thanks to all WofA’s who joined Camp WofA and wrote postcards to North Carolina and Florida through Reclaim Our Vote.  The Florida campaign is focused on getting voters to vote in the upcoming primary and to take the census.  Shout out to Wofa postcarders:  Diane Hazzard, Gail Harrison, Gigi Bate, Rosita Briceno, Heather Faille, Micaela Pond, Sharon Shutler, Louise Shutler, Jessie Clark, Eden Brown, Estee Levine, Celia Little, Ellen Keating, Stephanie Miller Mendes, Susan Robinson, Patricia Gibson, Shateela Winters, Rose Fabia, Marianne Kastriner Schwanke, Julie Hanson Swanson, Lynn Borton, Jennifer Skye Donovan, Cooper Donovan, Hagan Donovan, Leah Holmes Bonilla, Colleen Lunsford, Nacha Klopf, John Klopf, Ellen Geneva Fishman, Dryw Freed, Susan Senn, Amy Miller, Sandy Doherty, Trish Brown, Isabella Mejia, Elizabeth Mejia,, Edy Schy, Marianne Evans, Karen Lundy, Jennifer Endo, Amy Bergner, Kristin Young, Judith Hijikata, Kitty Eisele, Heather Carkuff Joson, Camilla Taft Hicks, Sabrina Buchsbaum Wear, Ellen Cathopoulis, Moley Evans, Carol Burnett. The efforts continue in August: email Micaela.pond@gmail.com and sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/PostcardsWOFA