Dawn Adams


Dr. Dawn Adams is the Democratic candidate for Delegate for Virginia’s 68th District, in Metro Richmond: Chesterfield, Richmond, and Henrico.

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Dawn’s Story: “I can no longer stand by while 1600 of my neighbors are forced to go without care. As a nurse practitioner, I have cared for people with and without insurance. It is unnecessarily heartbreaking to see the uninsured seeking care through the Emergency Department. The uninsured are sicker and have compounded illnesses which make them harder to stabilize and sometimes they are beyond our ability to treat, dying prematurely. In most cases they have waited so long to be seen because of the cost, it also causes them shame. We can remove the shame, cut costs, and do what is morally correct by pursuing Medicaid expansion.
“I want to bring community members to the table to allow new voices an opportunity to be heard. We have the chance to remake a state government that reflects cooperation and innovation. The Commonwealth should stand up to the hateful and divisive rhetoric on the national stage. As an elected official, I will make sure partisanship does not stand in the way of progress. I do not want children growing up to believe that it is okay for adults to speak to each other without respect; no matter how far apart we are on the ideological spectrum.”
Bio: Dawn has lived and worked in the Richmond area for more than 20 years. Registered nurse, nurse practitioner, access to care researcher, health advocate, Director for the Office of Integrated Health for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).
Issues: Increase access to affordable healthcare. Ensure healthcare decisions remain between patients and their medical providers – not legislators. Improve education. Fully fund public schools, trade schools and universities. Pay teachers fairly. Reduce the debt of students attending Virginia’s public universities and trade schools. Expand employment opportunities, attract new business to our community, and ensure Virginians are paid a fair wage for their work. Support legislation to protect workers from employment discrimination.
Opponent: Manoli Loupassi, incumbent Republican.
– Opposes healthcare for his constituents. Voted against implementing the Affordable Care Act. Voted to eliminate essential health benefits like hospitalization and pediatric care.
– Makes time for lobbyists, not his constituents. Dawn notes: “As a constituent, I tried to meet with my opponent. I was turned down. In an online video of my opponent, he publicly states that he does not meet with constituents during session. This makes no sense, and after following a lobbyist for an entire session, I know he makes time to meet with them.”
Recent elections: This District voted for Hillary by 10.76% over Trump, and voted for Governor McAuliffe, a Democrat.
Twitter: @AdamsforDel
Ballotpedia: https://ballotpedia.org/Dawn_Adams_(Virginia)