Hala Ayala


Hala Ayala is the Democratic candidate for Delegate in Virginia’s 51st District, in Prince William County, Virginia

Hala District 51

Hala’s Story: The Women’s March “was a battle cry. Like we must do more. We have to move forward.”

“When Trump was telling us who he was on the campaign trail… I believed (him). I believe you are going to deport immigrants. I believe that you are going to discriminate against people that look like me,” said Ayala. Ayala, a single mother of two, is of Lebanese and Hispanic descent.

She quit her job as a cyber security specialist for Homeland Security to run for office. “It was a hard decision,” but she told herself that she was going to “get off the sidelines.”

Her top three issues are job growth, educational opportunities, and health care.

“Medicaid saved my son’s life. I was able to get the things that he needed, the services and medication. You don’t feel proud to be on Medicaid, you feel grateful. You feel that there’s something out there that will help you get a foot up, that you will have an opportunity,” said Ayala.

Bio: founder and president of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women.  Single mother. Worked her way from retail at a gas station to cybersecurity specialist with the Department of Homeland Security. Serves on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Council on Women. Helped organize Virginia for the Women’s March on Washington.

Issues: With her chapter of NOW, Hala has fought for raising the minimum wage, Medicaid Expansion and equal pay for equal work. She cites Trump’s travel ban, stance on reproductive rights, and health care as her biggest concerns. “Hala’s passion and advocacy for women and families in the Commonwealth represent the spirit and mission of EMILY’s List,” said Geri Prado, EMILY’s List Senior Director of State and Local Campaigns.

Opponent: Rich Anderson co-patroned a bill that would have asked Congress to call a Constitutional Convention – even though amending the Constitution would open a dangerous can of worms. In addition, he voted against Medicaid expansion in VA. Further, he voted for a bill which would have required the Department of Social Services to publish individually identifiable information on each refugee resettled in the Commonwealth, even though many are fleeing governmental oppression, so publishing their personal information could endanger our newest Virginians.

Recent elections: This District voted for Hillary Clinton by a margin of 8.93% over Trump, and for Obama by 3.8% over Romney.

Website: https://ayalafordelegate.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AyalaforDelegate/
Twitter: @HalaAyala

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