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WofA – We of Action – is an Indivisible / Women’s March group and movement for change, based in Virginia.  Our group of volunteers, founded by a teacher, sends simple steps everyone can take to restore American rights, values, and civil liberties.  We are also a community – your friends and neighbors,  meeting near you to build positive results. You can make a difference, and we’re doing it together.



The Time for Gun Safety is Now

28378608_10214531371693147_1454723260925542814_nWofA doesn’t ordinarily post calendar events on our home page. You can see them on our calendar. However, in the wake of Parkland, we’ve observed students leading a national movement for gun safety, including large numbers of students from DC, Virginia and Maryland walking or taking public transportation to protest at the White House.  Upcoming events are listed below.

In addition, you can call your lawmakers, and tell them #EnoughIsEnough! http://www.whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov and https://whoismyrepresentative.com/

Provide your name and zip code so they can verify you are a constituent.


March 14
Enough! National School Walkout
The Youth EMPOWER Arm of the Women’s March coalition is “calling for students, teachers, school administrators, parents and allies to take part in a #NationalSchoolWalkout for 17 minutes at 10am across every time zone on March 14, 2018 to protest Congress’ inaction to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods”
Links:  https://www.womensmarch.com/empower/

March 24
March for Our Lives
Washington, DC and Everywhere
With participation by George & Amal Clooney


April 20
Rally for Gun Safety
Loudon, Virginia
Office of Barbara Comstock

April 20
School Walkout


Equal Rights Action Days 

With help from many activists in many groups, we organized an Equal Rights Coalition to descend on Richmond and it was a huge success!  Multiple activists from all over the Commonwealth asked their lawmakers to ratify the ERA this session.  We rocked the House – and the Senate!

Senator Surovell introduced us from the floor of the Senate, the House gave us a standing ovation, and First Lady Pam Northam spoke at our rally.  NICE.

We were honored to rally and meet with First Lady Northam, Senators Scott A. Surovell, Jennifer Wexton, and Delegates Alfonso LopezHala Ayala, Kathleen Murphy, Kathy TranKarrie Boutchia DelaneyElizabeth Guzman, Wendy GooditisDawn AdamsCheryl Turpin, Ken Plum, and Mark Keam.  Their words inspired us!

We were also pleased to welcome CD 7 candidate Abigail Spanberger, and the Virginia Secretary of Education, as well as Kim Drew Wright, and the Virginia girl who posed with the NYC statue of the girl staring down the bull, a symbol of the ERA.

We are also grateful to Republicans courageously standing up for women’s rights, including Senators Sturtevant and Dunnavant and Republicans Roxann Robinson, John McGuire and Bob Thomas. They are valiantly doing the right thing by filing or supporting bills to ratify the ERA. If they are your representatives, thank them! 


Your Vote Is Your Voice!

With the House of Delegates majority decided by a single vote last year, we saw the importance of fair, accurate, and transparent elections.  We are committed to voting every year for peace, justice, and integrity.


Calls to Action


Call to help DACA Dreamers!  Enter your zip code at https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members to find your U.S. Senator and Representative, then call to request a Clean DREAM Act, a restoration of deportation deferral for young immigrants without increased enforcement. Deportation would mean a new, often dangerous, country. Help them stay in the only country they know.



Gerrymandering subverts your votes and our democracy!

When districts are gerrymandered, politicians only speak to the partisan majority in their areas, driving us apart as a nation. To bridge the divide, we need better districts.

Call your state legislators now. Go to whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov and click their names to get their phone numbers.

Provide your name and zip so they can verify that you live in their district.  Urge them to support Rip Sullivan’s bill HJ 21 (https://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?181+ful+HJ21), to reduce the influence of political parties on electoral districts.

Together, we can help bring our nation back together.


Equal Rights for Women

The Equal Rights Amendment is back in the news. Nevada just ratified it this year. With the energy of our new movement, Virginia could become one of the last two states needed to ratify it!  Help make this a reality:


New Members of Virginia’s House of Delegates!


Orientation for the Delegates-elect, courtesy of Delegates
Alfonso Lopez and Marcus Simon

With Kathy Tran‘s baby, Elise Minh Khanh Tran, named after Ellis Island and the Liberty Bell. “To us, our daughter’s name means ‘ring the bells of liberty and champion opportunity for all.”

Two races are in limbo as of December 29, 2017: Districts 28 and 94.

This page is a scrolling series of entries. Everything you see below this line is from before the November 2017 general election in Virginia.



Virginia’s House of Delegates races matter to everyone in the nation!  Why?
Find out here. If you want to help, the Crowdpac is still taking donations.

Virginia’s November 7 election has started!

If you expect to be out of town November 7 (for example: commuting, at college, or volunteering out of your county), you can go vote “absentee in person” NOW.

For your voting location and times, go here and click on your city or county. Easy!

Or until Oct 31 you can request an absentee ballot by mail; http://www.elections.virginia.gov/casting-…/absentee-voting/

Easy! Get it done now so you won’t have to remember later!

Get Out The Vote!   Arlington Canvassing Opportunities

Time to canvass in Arlington! Because knocking on doors is the most effective way to get out the vote, WofA strongly urges everyone to volunteer for a shift(s). We’re focusing on the following dates: October 21 and 22; October 28 and 29; and November 4, 5, 6, and 7. We suggest going to the two locations with the densest populations. We also ask that you RSVP with the organizer for that location so that the Campaign can prepare enough packets and materials for everyone.

WofA Wednesdays!  

Every Wednesday through November 1st!!!

Please join us for our weekly Day of Action! Knocking on doors is the most effective way to get out the vote. Come canvass with us and the Northam Campaign in Arlington every Wednesday evening, 6:00-8:30 or earlier, launching from 525 N Jackson St (map), until Election Day.  See you soon!


Be the change you want to see in the world

Canvass Day II!

Our first multi-group Canvass Day was so great, we went again!  TWW-NoVa and Network NoVa organized a wonderful Canvass Day and Happy Hour, with great success!

First Canvass Day Rocks the Commonwealth!

The Resistance was in the House!!  The grassroots pulled out all the stops for Virginia House of Delegates candidates on September 9.  David Reid and Donte Tanner welcomed tons of WofA members; Deb Rodman was excited to receive road trippers from Indivisible Arlington; Wendy Gooditis embraced Jim Shelton’s merry big band of supporters; and Hala Ayala was pumped up by Ellen Renaud’s traveling canvass party. Intrepid Canvass Day activists also gave wonderful support to other candidates, such as Elizabeth Guzman, Kathy Tran, Lee Carter, and John Bell.  #TogetherWeWill!

Donte Tanner even took a Canvass Day canvasser out for ice cream afterwards – nice!!

Not only did 100+ grassroots canvassers knock tons of doors, but almost all of these candidates reported 3X or 4X more doors knocked than the previous weekend! Our PR apparently inspired folks to get off their couches and out talking with neighbors on a beautiful day.



Hope we’ll see you all at the next grassroots Canvass Day, September 23. Sign up here and sign up a friend!!

United Fundraiser A Smashing Success!

Members of WofA and friends raised $31,000 (and still counting!) to flip Virginia’s House of Delegates! You can donate at goo.gl/WgJ1T2 – all funds are sent directly to the campaigns by nonpartisan payment processor CrowdPac, which is supported only by optional tips at checkout. We the grassroots do not handle or receive any funds.

Many thanks to Delegates Rip Sullivan, Marcus SimonPatrick HopeAlfonso Lopez, Mark Levine, as well as keynote speaker Tom Perriello, for inspiring these magnificent results. They joined 17 swing district candidates, as well as members of WofA, Network NoVa, Virginia Democracy Forward, Indivisible Arlington, and Blue NoVa, fellow activists, friends, and family. Thanks to the fantastic folks at Clare & Don’s Beach Shack in Falls Church for providing the relaxing vibe before Delegate Sullivan got the crowd excited for action. Onward and upward!!





The #cars of the #MedicaidCaravan today - multiple photos - we're urging Virginia's lawmakers to #CloseTheGap