Take Action

WofA – We of Action – is a group and movement for change, following Indivisible principles, based in Virginia.  Our group of volunteers, founded by a teacher, sends simple steps everyone can take to restore American rights, values, and civil liberties.  We are also a community – your friends and neighbors,  meeting near you to build positive results. Making a difference, together.



Monthly Membership Meeting !

Monday, March 18 6:30 – 8:30

Lyon Village Community House

1920 N. Highland St, Arlington, VA

Will be collecting dry goods for AFAC!

Headcounts are great for planning purposes, please RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wofa-monthly-membership-meeting-tickets-57035739432

Join us and bring a friend! We will provide updates and actions on the November 2019 Elections! If you’re itching to get moving on supporting a candidate, please fill out the following form at: https://goo.gl/forms/mbe3bFgT2a8vKW0L2

Theo Stamos, VA Commonwealth Attorney Falls Church/Arlington will participate in a Q & A – bring your thoughts and questions!

And don’t forget to order your WofA Wear! We need a min. of 15 orders before they send it so don’t delay! Order today!https://www.customink.com/g/pfg0-00br-ebmb?fbclid=IwAR2hXl6UHiHR59IdKRfYBtZN65vrbhs5y7wy_Ftxeb9B9Ltte9T5Iy2rH6o


WofA Voting & Elections Kick Off!!!

Monday, February 18th – 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Calling all WofA’s! This is not just any meeting – Please RSVP now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wofa-voting-elections-kick-off-meeting-tickets-56002496976

This is the kickoff to our efforts to Flip the VA General Assembly. Anyone who has followed the 2019 VA General Assembly session knows that bill after bill was shot down by the Republican majority – let’s pull out the stops and change out our GA!
We’re making this a meeting/party – with snacks and libations and plenty of WofA solidarity. We’ll discuss recommendations for “adopt-a-candidates”, how we’ll be coordinating with the larger VA Grassroots Coalition efforts, what it means to adopt a district, and best of all, identify opportunities for you to get involved!
Meeting location: Chez Shutler. 2923 N. Oxford St. Arlington VA 22207. For more information, contact Sharon at: shutlersharon@gmail.com or Jessie Clark at jessie@carefreeboats.com


Membership Meeting:

February 12th 6:30 – 8:30

Shirlington Library 4200 Campbell Avenue Arlington, VA 22206

Details: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/eventedit/MzF2cTB2YWhsajVhcDVpMGZoaGY4ZGhpN2ggd29mYXZhQG0?tab=wc



For WofAs looking for a way to make a difference!

Here are a few things that take minimal time, yet make a big difference within our WofA Community and Beyond:

WHAT’S UP WOFA – Weekly Email Update

What’s Up WofA is a weekly email update listing key WofA, Virginia Grassroots, and other events over a several week period of time.  This weekly email is a critical communication and engagement vehicle for WofA membership. Activities/events are drawn from the Virginia Grassroots Coalition weekly email, the WofA website – events section, and occasionally other sources. They are largely “pre-written” which means cutting, pasting, and sometimes a little editing.  What’s Up WofA goes out on Mondays (more or less) and only takes 1 hour! Best of all, it’s a fun and meaningful way to help WofA. Contact Sharon Shutler, shutlersharon@gmail.com for a 10-minute training session.   

Wofava.org – Website Maintenance

WofA is currently using WordPress.  The initial needs are:

  • update current website
  • archive older posts

Once website is updated/archived:

  • add content, as received, 2 times/month (total 2 hours/month)

Requirements: knowledge of WordPress

Please contact Kathleen Murray for further details: kamwjm@gmail.com

AFAC Collection Lead

  • Provide container/box for dried/canned goods at Monthly Membership Meeting
  • Deliver to AFAC

Please contact Kathleen Murray for further details: kamwjm@gmail.com


What a year it’s been! Virginia played a big part in taking back the House, Medicaid got expanded in VA, and we’re so close to ratifying the ERA. For a retrospective of our efforts this past year click here …



“Sail the VA Blue Wave to 2019” ! Sign up today to win both Virginia House and Senate majorities in 2019 at BlueWave2019


One of our focuses for the 2019 General Assembly session will be to ratify the ERA in Virginia. For more details and how you can join in the fight for equality click here …