Upcoming Events & Actions

Somehow we must be able to show people that democracy is not about words, but action.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

WofA Member Meeting – Brady Campaign Martina Leinz!

Monday, June 17 – 6:30 – 8:30

Lyon Village Community House

1920 N. Highland St, Arlington, VA

For further details: https://wofava.org/eventscalendar/

For WofAs looking for a way to make a difference!

Here are a few things that take minimal time, yet make a big difference within our WofA Community and Beyond:

AFAC Collection Lead

  • Provide container/box for dried/canned goods at Monthly Membership Meeting
  • Deliver to AFAC

Please contact Kathleen Murray for further details: kamwjm@gmail.com

2018 Retrospective

What a year it’s been! Virginia played a big part in taking back the House, Medicaid got expanded in VA, and we’re so close to ratifying the ERA. For a retrospective of our efforts this past year click here …



“Sail the VA Blue Wave to 2019” ! Sign up today to win both Virginia House and Senate majorities in 2019 at BlueWave2019


One of our focuses for the 2019 General Assembly session will be to ratify the ERA in Virginia. For more details and how you can join in the fight for equality click here …