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WofA’s Voting and Elections Committee (V&E) is focused on flipping the Virginia General Assembly from Red to Blue by “Adopting” (supporting) several candidates during a given election cycle.

What does it mean to Adopt a Candidate?  At the most basic level, it means working with the candidate and campaign staff to determine what the campaign needs and how we can best help!  Inevitably, the two biggest needs are Fundraising and Canvassing. FUNdraising.  WofA member understand that campaigns for House of Delegate and Senate seats must immediately raise money to hire staff, cover filing fees, run social media campaigns, and attract money from the Democratic party and other donors.  Simply put, early money is critical to the success of candidates. Accordingly, members of WofA typically organize a major FUNdraiser for every candidate WofA adopts – with emphasis on FUN!  Canvassing.  When we vote, we win!  But to win, we must Get Out The Vote!  That’s why WofA supports our Adoptees by knocking on doors and urging progressive voters to vote their values!  And More.  WofA provides other Adoption activities including post card writing parties, writing letters to the editor, and working the polls.

How do we select Adoptees?  WofA is an active member of the Virginia Grassroots Coalition (Coalition), an organization comprised of more than 50 grassroots groups, that meets monthly to discuss election strategies and take action on critical policy issues.  District by district, the Coalition analyzes past voting histories and determines which are “flippable” and which need defending. The Coalition then interfaces with leadership in both the Democratic House and Senate Caucuses to better understand which candidates are likely to receive financial support from Democratic institutions.  Armed with this information, Coalition groups coordinate amongst themselves to determine which candidates each will adopt. Through this process, WofA and other members of the Coalition, maximize the impact of their volunteers and minimize duplication of effort!

And the 2019 Adoptees are….
Hala Ayala – Delegate, District 51,  
Larry Barnett – Candidate, House of Delegates 27th District.

Hala Ayala

 As a member of the Prince William County community for over 35 years and elected as Delegate in 2017, Hala Ayala gives a new, needed voice for the 51st House District of Virginia.

Hala has personally experienced the challenges of single motherhood and lack of access to affordable health insurance. She understands the concerns of working families today. She has fought for raising the minimum wage, equal pay and affordable access to health care as the founder and former president of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Hala worked her way up from a service job without health insurance to become a cybersecurity specialist with the Department of Homeland Security. For over 17 years, she worked to protect our nation’s information systems, enforce security measures, and prevent attacks by safeguarding computers, networks and data from criminal intrusion and security breaches. She’s using that same determination and work ethic to ensure that Prince William County families can flourish.

For more information about Hala:
For information on canvassing and other events, go to Hala’s events page at:

Larry Barnett 

Larry was a political newcomer in 2017.  With little financial support, he came within 128 votes of defeating the favored Republican incumbent in the 27th District.  In 2019, this District is considered one of the most “flippable” in the State.

Larry is a progressive candidate committed to health care, public education, clean energy, women’s reproductive choice, gun safety, and ERA ratification. He will not accept $$ from the energy monopolies. Best of all, Larry plays the guitar and entertained WofA’s and other activists as our June FUNdraiser – where members of WofA and other grassroots groups raised nearly $13,000!  

Larry has exceptional experience.  As a mental health professional leader with Chesterfield County for over 30 years, he developed innovative, caring, and effective programs for those affected by mental illness and developed a reputation as a skilled collaborator.  He improved access to mental health and substance abuse services through partnerships with schools, hospitals, advocacy groups, law enforcement and other first responders. For more information about Larry,

For information on canvassing and other events, go to Larry’s events page at