Call to Action ASAP!

1. Letters to Your Legislators to Improve Voting Process.  The Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) has raised concerns with the Virginia Grassroots Coalition, of which WofA is an active member, that the Northam Administration and Legislature are not doing enough to ensure voting is fair and maximally accessible.  We signed a letter sent by the Coalition to the Administration identifying specific issues that must be addressed in the special August 18 session.   See letter here
WofA Exec Committee is asking you to take 5 minutes and write to your state house of delegates rep and state senator. See sample email below. 
Link to House of Delegates and their Emails.  
Link to State Senators – Click on name of your senator to get the email

Please adapt the intro paragraph to reflect your concerns.

Dear Delegate/Senator _________________,
I am writing to you as my legislator and letting you know that I’m very concerned that Virginia is not properly prepared for the November 2020 elections. I am asking you to support the following urgent needs in the August 18 legislative session and put pressure on the Northam Administration to implement relevant provisions below. 
Remove the witness requirement for the November 3rd election ballot.
• Provide funding for and clear policies for secure drop off boxes.  Clarify who is qualified to drop off ballots. Expand secure ballot drop-off box locations to in-person absentee satellite locations so voters can submit their absentee ballots with confidence.  
• Fund for prepaid postage for mail-in ballots.
• Establish a process for curing absentee ballots, including the ability to track absentee ballots and provide notification if rejected with viable alternative options for voting.
• Provide adequate staff for polling stations (for in-person absentee voting and election day voting) and to process absentee ballots. Fund protective gear to keep our poll workers safe.
• Provide clear, updated information on the Virginia Department of Elections website front page (available in multiple languages) addressing:
– Voter registration options and requirements 
– Requesting and tracking a no-excuse absentee ballot, including recommended dates not only required dates
– Options and guidance for returning an absentee ballot (mail-in, in-person drop off, and drop box)
– Voting in-person guidance and recommendations (absentee and voting day)
– Establish November 3rd as a legal VA holiday

Please INFORM US if you write.  We want to congratulate all WofAs who participate in this important call to action.

2. Help protect the vote in Virginia. Volunteer with the Democratic Party of Virginia’s voter protection team. Help staff the voter protection hotline to answer voter questions from the comfort of your own home. Training is provided. Sign up at this link:

3.  Be a poll worker or recruit a poll worker.  Because so many poll workers are typically senior citizens who are at high risk from Covid-19, there is an urgent need for more poll workers this year. If you are willing and able to be an official poll worker for election day, please sign up at this link:

Keep Calm and WofA on!  Be of Action & Take Action!

Important Mail-In Ballot Information

Due to the unprecedented effects of Covid and the precarious state of our United States Postal Service, it is incumbent upon everyone to MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! (Please feel free to copy/paste/share with family and friends, including those outside VA – they can go to for their state’s election information.)

Best Options for your Mail-In Ballot

  1. In-Person Absentee Voting (if you are comfortable)  – return ballot at polling place *polling locations; dates and times will be found on your County Registrar website:

  2. Ballot Drop Box – you MUST sign and date your ballot and have a Witness Signature (this requirement “may” change in Aug/Sept, we will update). See your County Registrar website for date/location/times:

  3. Mail
       • You MUST sign and date your ballot;
       • Witness Signature is still required (this requirement “may” change in August/September
       and we will update);
       • Mail ballot in a MINIMUM of THREE weeks prior to Nov. 3rd Election Day
       (by October 13th – our suggested precaution, not “official”).

By now, we should all have:

  1. Registered &/or Updated (have you: moved; college age students; a child turning 18 by November 3rd?)
  2. Requested Mail-In Ballot
  3. Tracked your Ballot 
    *(you may not see request confirmed for approx 10 days)