Many of you wrote to your legislators to request improving the voting process for November.  Shout out to: Janet Barsey, Bonnie Beckett, Amy Bergner, Bridget Binder, Jessie Clark, Jessica Cogen, Sue Gubisch, Gail Harrison, Lynda Horvath,  Vicki Moffitt, Sharon Shutler, Carrie Thompson, Jamie Usrey.

Let’s keep going to GOTV!

Help protect the vote in Virginia. Volunteer with the Democratic Party of Virginia’s voter protection team. Help staff the voter protection hotline to answer voter questions from the comfort of your own home. Training is provided. Sign up at here.

Be a poll worker or recruit a poll worker.  Because so many poll workers are typically senior citizens who are at high risk from Covid-19, there is an urgent need for more poll workers this year. If you are willing and able to be an official poll worker for election day, please sign up at this link:

Keep Calm and WofA on!  Be of Action & Take Action!

Important Ballot Information

Due to the unprecedented effects of Covid and the precarious state of our U.S. Postal Service, it is incumbent upon everyone to MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! Feel free to copy/paste/share the following with family and friends, including those outside VA – they can go to for their state’s election information.

Best Options for your Mail-In Ballot

  1. EARLY In-Person Voting  – instead of mailing, bring your ballot in EARLY starting Sept. 18th at your county’s Government Center, and October 14th at newly established satellite early-voting stations. Ballots are available at early-voting locations, or bring your mail-in ballot you received with you to early-voting location to cast your vote safely ahead of time. Locations, dates and times will be found on your County Registrar website:
    for Arlington County or for Fairfax County or find your county here.

  2. Ballot Drop Box – you MUST sign and date your ballot. A witness signature is no longer required. Ballot Drop Boxes will be in the lobby of your county’s Government Center as of September 18, and at the early-voting satellite stations when they open October 14. For locations and hours check your county’s website HERE.

  3. Mail
       • You MUST sign and date your ballot;
       • Witness Signature no longer required;
       • Mail ballot in a MINIMUM of THREE weeks prior to Nov. 3rd Election Day
       (by October 3rd – our suggested precaution, not “official”).

By now, we should all have:

  1. Registered &/or Updated (have you: moved; college age students; a child turning 18 by November 3rd?)
  2. Requested Mail-In Ballot
  3. Tracked your Ballot 
    Login with your information, and you should see your ballot request status (you may have to scroll down). If you’re application for a ballot does not have an approved status, request a ballot immediately.